Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thrift Store Score

Some people buy lottery tickets or head to the casino for thrills. I am a thrift store/yard sale enthusiast. There's no price for entry. The only cost is your time and gas. I've built "just looking" into my routine, so special trips are rare. But frequent visits are key; if you're going to win, you've got to play. And of course you're not going to win every time. Gamblers and thrifters know this.

Experience has taught me that there's some "luck" involved in a good day's hunt. Finding something that you've been looking for is great. What is especially satisfying is getting that item for a fraction of what it might sell for new. I think of that as "the kill." But the trophy doesn't hang on the wall in the living room. Chances are the treasure becomes part of your household inventory, and the story is told with pride to other thrifters.

Today as my neighbor and I walked into a local thrift store my eyes went straight to an electrical panel. We've been talking about running electricity out to the barn and installing a subpanel. New panels are expensive. This Sylvania panel was $2. That got my blood pumping. As I walked through the store I found a few other things: adjustable straps, classic milk jars, and... an electric uncapping knife, which is used in the honey extraction process. Never used. In the box. It worked when I plugged it in. I couldn't believe it. To purchase this new would be $98 from Brushy Mountain Bee Farm. My offer of $4 was accepted. And, as the cherry on top, I glanced at the pile of jeans and saw a pair of Ann Taylor Loft in my size.

When you're hot, you're hot!

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