Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Birds Back on Pasture

The grownups are back out into their rotational grazing. We are transforming the deep-litter yard into the comfrey patch! This is where the fruit trees and garlic patch are. The winter of chicken poop and scratching action will ensure a good start for the comfrey.

The view from my front porch now includes the laying flock as well as the started pullets and cockerels.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Just placed my order with Coe's Comfrey for an assortment of plants, crowns, and roots. This investment will pay many dividends over the years. It's a compost/fodder crop like no other.

Comfrey is a handsome plant, no?

These are a couple of shots that I took at Polyface Farm in May of 2011.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Two Batches of Pastured Broilers Have Been Ordered

First two broilers orders have been placed! I'm trying Ridgway Hatchery this time. The first batch is hatching on March 7th. I should have 100 lil' broilers in the brooder by the 9th. First anticipated processing dates will be May 4/5.

Our second batch of 100, again from Ridgway, is hatching April 4th and should be in the brooder by April 6th. Anticipated processing dates for this second batch will be fresh for Memorial Day weekend May 24/25.

Stay tuned for updates and ordering/pricing information.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Started Pullets Available Now!

Why keep chickens when you can get your eggs cheaper at the grocery store?

*Have more control over what you're eating.

*Build soil fertility through composting chicken waste.

*Save on dish/cable: Turn the TV off and watch "As the Coop Turns" in your backyard. There's intrigue. There's drama. There's comedy. And you can cuddle the actors if you want to.

Assemble the cast with Jen's Hens (and Roosters). Available for pickup now.

First come, first served. Buy early for best selection.

Brown Egg Layers

*Rhode Island Red* *Barred Rock* *Buff Orpington* *White Rock*
*Silver Laced Wynadotte* *Black Australorp*

White Egg Layers

*White Leghorn* *Brown Leghorn* *Silver Leghorn*
*Golden Campine*

Pick up your birds Monday thru Saturday by appointment


Between February 6 –11

$10 per bird

Between February 13 – 18

$11 per bird

Between February 20 – 25

$12 per bird

Between February 27 – March 3

$13 per bird

Between March 5 – 10

$14 per bird

Between March 12 – 17

$15 per bird

Between March 19 – 24

$16 per bird

Between March 26 – 31

$17 per bird

Between April 2 – 7

$18 per bird

Between April 9 – 14

$19 per bird

Between April 16 – 21

$20 per bird

Between April 23 – 28

$21 per bird

Between April 30 – May 5

$22 per bird

Between May 7 – 12

$23 per bird

Between May 14 – 19

$24 per bird

Between May 21 – 26

$25 per bird

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Angel and the MPU

This past Saturday I bought a Mobile [Poultry] Processing Unit from Lee Menius of Wild Turkey Farms (China Grove, NC). He and his wife Domisty met me in Dallas, NC at the "Putting Small Acreage to Work" conference where he presented on Pastured Poultry. We completed the transaction with no problems. The only thing I had to figure out before driving home was the electrical connection between the truck and the trailer. The truck's female 4-wire to the trailer's female-6-wire plug was NOT going to work without a bypass, hack, or work-around. But I had no worries; Advanced Auto and Autozone were both 200 yards down the road, their parking lots separated by a Waffle House. Lee said that either store was sure to have what I needed.

Neither did.

What Autozone DID have was a kind customer who took pity on me. Jason followed me over to my trailer (parked in the Advanced Auto Parts lot) and then into the store. It took him some time to figure out how he was going to MacGyver a solution with the parts he had in front of him. I was tempted to say something stupid like, "If you can't figure this out, what would you suggest I do next?" But Someone said, "Jen, shut up." I obeyed. This was going to work out somehow. Once Jason had decided on a combination of available parts, I paid at the register and borrowed a tool for Jason to use for re-wiring. Jason had the work-around complete in about 5 minutes! He even showed me how to replace a burnt-out tail light bulb. Thanks to Jason, a local machinist who hunts with Plotts, I hit the road with every confidence that I would get home safely.

Thank you, God, for the way you work everything out.