Saturday, March 15, 2014

Boohoo. Bleat. Moo.

Victor is gone!  Boohoo.
New goats are here.  Bleat.

My cow is crying.  Moo. Mooooo!!

Poor put-upon Baby Girl.  First, her son is missing (so she thinks). Then, two alien creatures with the most obnoxious cries dare to eat her hay and drink her water.  Finally, the humans keep rolling out that dreadful machine to nurse. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Updated 2014 Pullet Photos

 Barred rock pullet
  I love these white rocks.  This girl is almost ready to lay.  Check out the waddles.
Rooster taming involves humiliating the uppity bird with a thorough cuddle.
  This NH Red could have been in the Mercedes commercial!
Partridge rock pullet above and a close up of her feather pattern below.  Beautiful birds!

 Ah, the turkens.  These birds are said to be very heat tolerant.  Pullet below and rooster above.
The black australorps are very popular!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jen's Hens 2014

Started Pullets (and Cockerels)  Available NOW. Will be laying in April!

Why keep chickens when you can get your eggs cheaper at the grocery store?

*Have more control over what you're eating.

*Build soil fertility through composting chicken waste.

*Save on dish/cable: Turn the TV off and watch "As the Coop Turns" in your backyard. There's intrigue. There's drama. There's comedy. And you can cuddle the actors if you want to.  

*Assemble the cast with Jen's Hens (and Roosters). Available for pickup now.
Call Jen at 828-three-two-one-2171 or 828-five-four-one-9393.  Or email  zackandjen2004 at
Breeds available: White Rock, Black Austrlorp, Partridge Rock, Barred Rock, New Hampshire Red, Turken
                   I believe the birds I thought were Jersey Giants are actually Rocks instead.  Apparently White Jersey Giants have "willow" colored (greenish brown) legs.  These girls' legs are golden yellow.  They are the biggest darned White Rocks I have ever had!

Pick up your birds by appointment
(Closed Sunday)
Between January 29 – February 4
$14 per bird
Between February 5 – 11
$15 per bird
Between February 12 – 18
$16 per bird
Between February 19 – 25
$17 per bird
Between February 26 – March 4
$18 per bird
Between March 5 – 11
$19 per bird
Between March 12 – 18
$20 per bird
Between March 19 – 25
$21 per bird
Between March 26 – April 1
$22 per bird
Between April 2 – 8
$23 per bird
Between April 9 – 15
$24 per bird
Between April 16 – 22  
$25 per bird
Between April 23 – 29
$26 per bird

Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 Chicken Prices

Whole Pastured Chicken: $4.29/lb
              50#-99.99# (whole birds only) $3.79/lb 
              100# or more (whole birds only) $3.49/lb

Half Pastured Chicken: $4.49/lb
              Halves are not eligible for the quantity discount.

Backs/necks: $1.49/lb

Special processing day price: $3.29/lb for any quantity.  Our absolute best price on pastured chicken is available to customers who make an appointment to come to the farm on processing day to pick up their birds from the chill tank.  Birds are unpackaged.  Customers take their chickens whole and cook or cut up as they desire before freezing.  We recommend using or freezing within 5 days.  See Processing Day Policies.
To reserve birds, email us at or come to the Murphy farmers market to sign up in person.

Processing Day Policies

                *Birds must be reserved.  A 7-week broiler will range in size from 3.5-5.5 pounds.  At 8 weeks, chickens range between 4.5-6.5 pounds.  If you want a smaller bird, arrange for the Week 7 processing pick up.
                *We may process Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, depending on the weather forecast.  You will receive an email and/or phone call the Monday of the week of processing to confirm the date. 
                *You must bring your own cooler and ice.  We will take the birds from the chill tank, weigh them, and place them in your cooler.  There will be a sanitizing station available for customers to clean their coolers.  We will NOT place chickens into a dirty cooler or into any un-insulated container.  Always bring more coolers than you think you’ll need.
                *If you do not pick up your reserved birds on processing day, we will contact you about whether or not you still want them.  Regular pricing will apply to any chicken not released to customer from the chill tank.