Thursday, July 22, 2010

2010 Honey Crop for Sale!

Woohoo! Time to sell some honey... 2010 honey is $6 per pint and $12 per quart.


  1. I've been told that when you consume local honey it fights against seasonal allergies. Fact or Fiction?

  2. It's local POLLEN that's more important for any allergy-prevention. Finding a beekeeper in your area willing to sell you pollen is going to be tough. It's extremely labor intensive to collect and process.

    As for the efficacy of taking pollen or eating honey to prevent allergies, well, that's for the consumer to determine. Whether it empirically helps or not is a matter of debate.

    Eating local pollen or honey to fight allergies may be fact or fiction. The practice is traditional, or "old-timey" as they say here. It certainly isn't going to hurt.