Thursday, August 6, 2015

SALE! 20% OFF Pre-Ordered, Fresh Chicken

SALE!  20% off
Pre-Ordered, Fresh Chicken    

Stock up for the winter!

1.     Order by 6pm Wednesday, August 26.  **Indicate which date/location you will be picking up.**

2.     Pick up your order…
Friday, August 28 at the farm in Andrews
Saturday, August 29 at the Cedar Valley Farmers Market (L&N Depot, Murphy)
Saturday, August 29 at the Union County Farmers Market (Blairsville)

Place your order by emailing:  Or call 828-321-2171.

This is the best deal we've ever offered.  There are NO restrictions, NO minimum purchases.   The only condition is that you must pre-order to get the sale price.  The more you buy, the more you save. 

 The following is a list of the regular retail price per pound on the different cuts of chicken we sell:

Whole Pastured Chicken: $4.99/lb
Half Pastured Chicken: $5.49/lb
Boneless, skinless breast (2 per pack): $11.99/lb
Thighs (2 per pack): $7.99/lb
Drumsticks (4 per pack): $7.99/lb
Wings (6 per pack): $5.99/lb
Liver: $6.99/lb
Backs/necks/frames/feet: $1.99/lb

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