Wednesday, May 13, 2015

2015 Season is Underway! Prices & Availability

Welcome back from Winter, everyone!  Stockbridge Farms is please to announce that our first batch of fresh, pasture-raised chicken will be processed next week (May 21st).  This year we also have limited quantities of our own farm-raised pork in addition to grass-fed ground beef from Walnut Hollow Ranch.  See below for details.

Pastured Chicken – “Broilers”
We raise the industry standard Cornish-Rock cross chicken.  In 2015 are feeding NON-GMO, corn-free, soy-free feed by Tucker Milling.
Our birds are raised in small quantities on fresh pasture.  We believe that this is the key to healthy, delicious chicken!
2015 Chicken Prices
Whole Pastured Chicken: $4.99/lb
           50-99.99# (whole birds only): $4.69/lb 
           100# or more (whole birds only): $4.25/lb
Half Pastured Chicken: $5.49/lb
Boneless, skinless breast: $11.99/lb
Leg Quarters:  $7.99/lb
Thighs: $7.99/lb
Drumsticks: $7.99/lb
Wings: $5.99/lb
Liver: $6.99/lb
Backs/necks/frames/feet: $1.99/lb
Farm-Raised Pork

This winter we (finally) processed our two big tamworth pigs.  Each week we will bring a limited quantity of pork sausage (Mild, Hot, and Hot Italian) to the farmer's market - while supplies last!  We also have pork chops which we will bring by request - please call at least a day ahead of time.

2015 Pork Prices 
Sausage: $6.50/lb
Pork Chops: $6.50/lb

Walnut Hollow Ranch Beef

Charlie Kissling over at Walnut Hollow Ranch has pretty much spoiled us when it comes to beef.  The cows are Black Angus and are grass-fed.  The meat is really, really good.  We carry Walnut Hollow's ground beef and hamburger patties.  If you want other cuts of beef, please feel free to contact the Walnut Hollow Farm Store (828-389-3981).

2015 Beef Prices 
Ground Beef: $8.99/lb
Hamburger Patties: $9.49/lb

Where to Find Us

Stockbridge Farms sells at three different farmer's markets each week:

  • Cedar Valley Farmer's Market: Every Saturday in Murphy, NC - L&N Depot from 9 A.M. - 1 P.M. 
  • Thursday Evening Market: Hayesville, NC - On the Town Square from 4-8 P.M. (Opens May 21st)
  • Union County Farmer's Market: Blairsville, GA - We will be there most Saturdays through the season. 7 A.M. - 1 P.M. (Opens June 6th)
If you have questions about availability or would like to place a special order for pick up at a specific market, please call at least a day ahead of time.
We also sell from the farm by appointment (828-321-2171).  

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