Sunday, January 8, 2012

Preview of Coming Attractions

No new crises in the last week. Ah!

As I was saying last week, 2012 will be very busy for the Chicken Mama and myself. Here are just a few things on our agenda (in no particular order):

  • Get grapes, fruits trees, and berries planted before Spring starts.
  • Double the apiary (going from four beehives up to hopefully eight hives)
  • Restore and manage lower pasture (kill multiflora rose, maybe fix drainage, etc.)
  • Raise at least 200 chickens (broilers) for meat to sell.
  • Sell all of the little birds Chicken Mama is raising to sell as laying hens.
  • Learn how to properly care for and manage these two little heifers - they need to get bred this summer.
  • Grow lots of corn - about 3.5 acres (on leased land). Most for chicken feed and some for a high-end cornmeal.
  • Its time to eat healthier - we're trying to move away from eating so much processed food.
  • Plant our own (small) garden.
  • Remain active in promoting local, sustainable agriculture.
  • Post on the blog at least twice a week.
Just seeing that whole list makes me tired. Time for me to get to bed. We'll have to be up pretty early in the morning to accomplish all of this by the end of December.

And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men...
(Colossians 3:23 New King James Bible)

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  1. Just keeping up with the Dove Daddy and Chicken Mama...looking forward to getting my chix from you and hopefully some honey this year! We are looking into some fruit trees too.