Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lots of Changes

A few months ago we were talking with Mary, a good friend of ours from Church who is a few years older than we are. Chicken Mama and I were remarking on how life just seems so much faster than it used to be. Time passes so quickly you can hardly believe it. She kind of laughed and said, "It keeps speeding up as you get older." Yikes.

This has been an exciting week on the farm. I really wish I'd managed to get a quick post in earlier this week. On Wednesday... our tractor arrived! A nice, used 37 horsepower Kubota tractor. This is going to allow us to do a lot of things!

As big of an investment as that was, it is not even the biggest event of the week. Our friend Tyler has been working for us the past few days with his backhoe and lets just say things look a bit different around the property. Unfortunately, a torrential downpour late this morning prevented us from getting holes dug for fruit trees and grape vines, but we're still pretty happy with all of the changes. It will be even better once things dry out - I'll take pictures then. Right now things are a big sloppy mess!

Even with all of the mess, though, it is fun to see some of what we have pictured starting to take shape. It is like a puzzle: the more pieces that are in-place the easier it is to see if/how/where future pieces will fit.

If time just keeps speeding up that means the pieces fall in-place even quicker, right?

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