Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Processing our first batch tomorrow!

 Pastured Poultry: What is it?

Pasture-raised chicken, turkey, and other birds are rotationally grazed on grass pastures, not simply allowed freedom to roam in a dirt yard.  Birds are confined within a shelter and/or a fence to protect them from predators and the elements.  Shelters and fences are moved periodically.   The manure is left behind to renew the soil.  This method of raising animals promotes the health of the animals and the land.   In winter, when grass is not growing, animals are housed on deep litter. 

Pastured Chicken – “Broilers”

We raise the industry standard Cornish-Rock cross chicken.  In 2014 we will be feeding NON-GMO feed by Sunrise Farms. You asked for it, you got it!
Our birds are raised in small quantities on fresh pasture.  We believe that this is the key to healthy, delicious chicken!

Where to Buy

Saturdays - Murphy                         Thursdays - Hayesville                   On-Farm     
 Cedar Valley Farmers Market              Evening Harvest Market                       by appointment
 L&N Depot                                                  On the square, downtown                     (Closed Sunday)                         

Online – SAFF web store launching 2014

In 2014 we will process both on-farm and at the USDA-inspected Foothills Pilot Plant.

Fresh, unfrozen chicken will be available 5 days from processing dates.  Thereafter, chicken is available frozen.

Friday, May 9, on farm
Friday, May 16, FPP       
Friday, June 20, on farm      
Wednesday, June 25, FPP
Wednesday, July 30, FPP 
Friday, September 5, on farm     
Wednesday, September 10, FPP
2014 Chicken Prices

Whole Pastured Chicken: $4.99/lb
           50-99.99# (whole birds only): $4.69/lb 
           100# or more (whole birds only): $4.39/lb
Half Pastured Chicken: $5.49/lb
Boneless, skinless breast: $11.99/lb
Leg Quarters:  $7.99/lb
Thighs: $7.99/lb
Drumsticks: $7.99/lb
Wings: $5.99/lb
Liver: $6.99/lb
Backs/necks/frames/feet: $2.99/lb

Pastured Turkey and Goose

Turkeys will be harvested in September.  Our goal is to provide 20 birds for market in 2014.  Birds will be fed the same NON-GMO feed as the chickens, with supplemental fish meal.  Available fresh  September 11-13 and frozen thereafter.  Breasts and drumsticks may be available.  $6.99/lb whole bird

Geese will be harvested in September and frozen to provide you with a true taste of England for your Christmas dinner!  Anne Purssord can help you with the plum pudding. $7.99/lb whole bird.

Zack and Jen Stockbridge
POB 342                             828.321.2171  (home)
554 Robinson Rd.         828.541.9393 (Jen cell)
Andrews, NC 28901     828.361.8977 (Zack cell)

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