Sunday, July 29, 2012

Third batch of broilers in the brooder

Our third batch of broilers is 2.5 weeks old and looking great.  We've had three losses so far out of 121.  For this batch we're feeding a non-medicated 20% protein commercial feed called "All-Grain Meat Bird Maker" by Southern States. 

I think there really is something to the idea of matching the feed to the genetics of the birds. These Ridgway birds are growing and gaining well and far more uniform in appearance than the two previous batches where we using an 18% protein broiler grower ration from Reedy Fork Farm.  We have changed our brooder management, too: nipple drinkers and daily muckout. 

If all goes as planned, this batch will be ready to harvest the second weekend of September!  We will be getting one final batch of broilers in this season once batch #3 goes out on pasture. 

The heifers are coming home tomorrow after their honeymoon with Calvin the Jersey bull.  Hopefully their pregnancies will proceed without complication.  

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