Friday, February 10, 2012

Started Pullets Available Now!

Why keep chickens when you can get your eggs cheaper at the grocery store?

*Have more control over what you're eating.

*Build soil fertility through composting chicken waste.

*Save on dish/cable: Turn the TV off and watch "As the Coop Turns" in your backyard. There's intrigue. There's drama. There's comedy. And you can cuddle the actors if you want to.

Assemble the cast with Jen's Hens (and Roosters). Available for pickup now.

First come, first served. Buy early for best selection.

Brown Egg Layers

*Rhode Island Red* *Barred Rock* *Buff Orpington* *White Rock*
*Silver Laced Wynadotte* *Black Australorp*

White Egg Layers

*White Leghorn* *Brown Leghorn* *Silver Leghorn*
*Golden Campine*

Pick up your birds Monday thru Saturday by appointment


Between February 6 –11

$10 per bird

Between February 13 – 18

$11 per bird

Between February 20 – 25

$12 per bird

Between February 27 – March 3

$13 per bird

Between March 5 – 10

$14 per bird

Between March 12 – 17

$15 per bird

Between March 19 – 24

$16 per bird

Between March 26 – 31

$17 per bird

Between April 2 – 7

$18 per bird

Between April 9 – 14

$19 per bird

Between April 16 – 21

$20 per bird

Between April 23 – 28

$21 per bird

Between April 30 – May 5

$22 per bird

Between May 7 – 12

$23 per bird

Between May 14 – 19

$24 per bird

Between May 21 – 26

$25 per bird


  1. We want some! How old are they now? How close to laying? We will take Black Austrolorps and Silver Laced Wyandottes and maybe some RIRs. Got any easter eggers? Coming to Chattanooga any time soon, or will we need to come to you?

    Katie and Keith

    1. As of this week (Feb 24) the pullets 12 and 14 weeks old. They have about 6-8 weeks to go before beginning to lay--in May, for sure. I DON'T have any EE's (next year!), but there are still several of the breeds you're interested in.

      When can you come to the farm? You can pick your chickens out and get a tour.